Apply for a Vehicle Import Approval

Applying for a Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) can be very time consuming and quite frankly confusing. Taurus Logistics are very familiar in dealing with the Department of Infrastructure and can apply for the Vehicle Import Approval on your behalf.

We only require a small amount of information as below and our fee of AUD250.00 + GST which includes the fees charged by the Department of Infrastructure. Once we have applied for the Import Approval it will take 30 business days (as per Department of Infrastructure guide) to receive the approval.

Please do not ship your vehicle until the permit has been approved.

Start Now - 2 easy steps


Download & Sign Letter of Authorisation

First, we need your authorisation to apply on your behalf. Please download the sample letter, complete and then upload with the rest of your information as below.
Download Sample Letter


Upload your Documents

We need to get some documentation from you to apply for the VIA.

Section 1 - Identification Docs

Drag and drop files here or Browse
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Drag and drop files here or Browse

Section 2 - Intent to Immigrate to Australia

Please provide supporting documentation to demonstrate:
  • Continuous residency in the country in which the vehicle was purchased
  • Regular use of the vehicle on a public road in the country of residence
  • You are entitled to live in Australia indefinitely
We require at least 2 of the following documents :
  • Rental receipts/purchase documents, employment records, utilities statements, applicant's or applicant's children's education enrolment.
  • Registration of vehicle.
  • Resignation acceptance letter from overseas employer, cancellation of utilities services overseas, sale/cancellation of overseas property, the shipment of your household goods, application or confirmation letter of Australian citizenship, permanent residency or visa that can indicate your intention to remain in Australia indefinitely.
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Section 3 - Vehicle Details

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Drag and drop files here or Browse
If a returning Australian vehicle upload Australian rego. Otherwise country of export rego
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(eg purchase document, bequest document etc.)
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Please Include photos of the inside showing number of seats, and the engine bay.
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Application Confirmation

Once we have your documentation, we’ll apply for the import approval and send you a confirmation number within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).


Import Application Decision

You will be notified directly by email from the Department of Infrastructure of the decision. Once you have the decision approved we can get you vehicle booked and underway.

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