Pre-Shipment Checklist - Importing Machinery to Australia


Import Permit

Before you import any machinery, check what import conditions exist, and if an import permit is required. You may also need a vehicle import approval, this applies to machinery on trailers also.

You need to apply for an import permit at least 3 weeks before the goods arrive in Australia. Cost varies depending on goods imported. Check the requirements at BICON Australian Biosecurity Import Conditions

If your machinery is on a trailer, or could be for road use, you may also require a vehicle import approval.

Taurus Logistics takes no responsibility for machinery that is shipped without obtaining either or both permits

GST & Duty

GST/Duties are payable on all imports. Duty rates vary depending on the type of machinery imported. GST is 10% for all imports.
Duties are levied on the "Customs value" only, whereas GST is levied on the "customs value" + duty + shipping costs.

Quarantine Requirements

All used machinery is inspected by Quarantine on arrival, and only after this inspection is the cleanliness condition known. Due to this we can’t quote the cleaning costs. Further inspection and cleaning may be required as instructed by Quarantine and are not included in our quotations.


Machinery Preparation

Biosecurity is seeing an increasing number of imported used machines with high levels of Biosecurity Risk Material (BRM). Used machinery can pose a high biosecurity risk if it is contaminated with BRM such as soil, animal or plant material. If machinery arrives in a heavily contaminated state, Biosecurity can order the machine to be exported from Australia at the importer’s or owner’s expense.

Importers are responsible for ensuring all machinery is adequately cleaned offshore prior to shipment. Machinery may require dismantling to be effectively cleaned. Import conditions require all machinery and parts to be free from BRM. If import conditions are breached, the import permit may be revoked.

Several resources are in place to help importers ensure that their machinery meets Australia’s biosecurity requirements. The Biosecurity website contains information on permits, import conditions, cleaning guides for specific machine types and tips on common problems incurred such as contamination during transport. Machinery Cleaning Guides and Checklists


Have you taken out Marine Insurance?

Not compulsory, but worth asking us for a quote. Whilst the risk of damage to machinery is very low, it does cover you in the event of total loss. Find out why you need Marine Insurance

 Marine Insurance is not included unless itemised on the quotation.


The importance of cleaning can’t be understated.

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