There are a couple of shipping methods available, which are subject to where you are shipping from, and shipping to, but the three options we have available are:

Shipping Methods

Crated – Crating avaliable in most locations

The motorcycle will need to be cleaned prior to delivering to us, the battery will be disconnected and the fuel and oil will be drained as required by the shipping lines. If you use this method then you can put riding gear, Helmet-jackets-gloves etc. in the crate with the bike. We will require a detailed inventory of everything you put in the crate though for customs purposes. You will also need to plan ahead for the collection at the destination end as it will still be crated upon collection. This means you will need a trailer, truck or Ute to collect your motobike. You will NOT be able to ride the bike away as there will also be no fuel in the tank and the battery will still be disconnected. This option is the most expensive method to ship.

RORO – Currently only available on Trans-Tasman shipments

The motorcycle will need to be cleaned prior to delivering to us, however the Fuel will not be drained, nor will the battery be disconnected for RORO shipments. The motorcycle will have to be fully operational, with ¼ tank of fuel (no more- no less) and the key needs to be in the ignition as the bike will literally need to be ridden on board, and ridden off when it reaches the destination.

For RORO shipping you can't ship anything with the bike. No riding gear or anything.
You will still need a trailer, truck or Ute to collect the bike as it cannot be legally ridden on the road until it has been complied and registered for the road. You will NOT be able to ride the motorbike away unless you have trade plates or temporary plates which are available in most locations. Contact your local Road Transport Authority to enquire about how to obtain these. This option is the cheapest option for Trans-Tasman shipments currently. Sailings are Fortnightly

Shared Container (non-crated)

This is a great cost effective option, as it saves you hundreds of dollars in crating costs, but is currently only available from USA due to the large number of motorcycles we are importing from there.

With our shared container your bikes does not need to be crated, because it’s shipped in a container full of other motorcycles. Sometime this is a mixed container of motorcycles and vehicles, but not with general cargo. We can also offer shared containers for touring groups, but this is only cost effective if you have a least five motorcycles.


If you are buying a motorcycle from a foreign country I strongly recommend you buy from a dealer or auction house. This may mean you have to pay a little bit more, but it easier to get the correct paperwork from a business than it is to get from a private seller. Dealers are doing this every day and they tend to respond to emails and phone calls a lot faster. Also they will usually clean and prepare the bike for you as part of the deal which means you are saving money. This makes the whole process easier and less stressful on you.


The compliance process when your motorcycle arrives to the destination country will vary depending on the country you ship it to. It is strongly recommended you contact a local Compliance centre and enquire about the costs and the process involved. Also make sure that your motorcycle will meet the Compliance regulations once it arrives. You cannot legally ride your motorcycle on the road until it has gone through the Compliance process and has been registered for road use.


These are from my experience, and are intended to help you to Simplify the process.
As always feel free to contact us with any questions

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