Apply for a Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) for Small Road Trailers

When importing a boat on a trailer you must have an approved Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) for a small trailer before your boat or yacht arrives. The government website is rather confusing and can take several attempts to navigate your way through it. Taurus Logistics are very familiar in dealing with the Department of Infrastructure and can apply for a Vehicle Import Approval under the “Small Road Trailers Option” on your behalf.

We only require a small amount of information as below and our fee of AUD250.00 + GST which includes the fees charged by the Department of Infrastructure. Once we have applied for the Import Approval it will take 30 business days (as per Department of Infrastructure guide) to receive the approval.

Please do not ship your Boat until the permit has been approved.

Start Now - 2 easy steps


Download & Sign Letter of Authorisation

First, we need your authorisation to apply on your behalf. Please download the sample letter, complete and then upload with the rest of your information as below.


Upload your Documents

We need to get some documentation from you to apply for the VIA.

Section 1 - Identification Docs

Drag and drop files here or Browse
Drag and drop files here or Browse
Drag and drop files here or Browse

Section 2 - Trailer Details

Overall dimensions; LxWxH in metres
AGGREGATE TRAILER MASS (ATM) - the total mass of the laden trailer when carrying the maximum load recommended by the ‘Manufacturer’. If the trailer is originally manufactured in the United States of America – Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is equivalent to ATM. If the trailer is originally manufactured in Europe - Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM) is equivalent to ATM.
TARE Mass is the total mass of the trailer when not carrying any load, but when ready for service, unoccupied (if relevant) and with all fluid reservoirs (if fitted) filled to nominal capacity except for fuel, which shall be 10 litres only, and with all standard equipment and any options fitted. This includes any mass imposed onto the drawing vehicle when the combination vehicle is resting on a horizontal supporting plane. (Fluid reservoirs do not include water tanks and wastewater tanks fitted to caravans).
GTM is the mass transmitted to the ground by the tyres of the trailer when coupled to a towing vehicle and carrying the maximum load recommended by the manufacturer or importer, approximately uniformly distributed over the load bearing area.
Drag and drop files here or Browse
Drag and drop files here or Browse
e.g. photo of the ID plate showing ATM, manufacturer specification, or if USA a certificate of origin.

Application Confirmation

Once we have your documentation, we’ll apply for the import approval and send you a confirmation number within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).


Import Application Decision

You will be notified directly by email from the Department of Infrastructure of the decision. Once you have the decision approved we can get you vehicle booked and underway.

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