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How to plan shipping to Australia and New Zealand

Below is a summary timeline of a typical shipment to Australia or New Zealand. When planning your shipment, its easiest to work backwards from when you want it to arrive. Then add on the days as below for each process to determine the date you would need to have the goods available to us.

If you need any help, please contact one of our sales representative’s.

7-14 Days prior to sailing date

Make Booking

Whilst we are flexible and can sometimes take booking at the last minute, we recommend above number of days to secure space and ensure you have time to collect documents needed for shipping.

3-5 Days prior to sailing date

Deliver to Depot

Cargo must be at the port and all Customs documentation completed days before the ship sails. We will inform you when you need to deliver to depot, or if we are collecting we will arrange a time to meet the cut-off date.

No. of days varies

On Water

This is the transit time as shown on your quote. Vessels depart on regular schedules and we have our most common schedules in the table above.

NZ : 3-5; AU : 7-10 (Business days)


On arrival your goods need to clear Customs and Quarantine. In most cases this will be on your quotation and we will arrange this for you. We endeavour to pre-Customs clear all shipments, but they can't be released until they arrive and are inspected by quarantine. This determines if any treatment is required and how long it will take.

1 Day


If quoted we will arrange delivery to your final destination.

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