Schedules are subject to change due to significant port congestion in Melbourne, which is also impacting on Port Kembla & Brisbane. All dates are based on the current information and are subject to change based on the actual arrival date. Our schedule is updated as soon as information is available from the shipping lines.
  • Note
      Online quotes apply to Voyages with the suffix (MOL) or (TFS). Contact Us for a quote on Voyages suffixed (HGH).
    Voyage est. Depot
    Fremantle est. Depot
    Brisbane est. Depot
    Port Kembla est. Depot
    Adelaide est. Depot
    Melbourne Auckland Lyttelton Wellington Nelson
    MERCURY ACE v103 (MOL) CLOSED 12-Jul CLOSED 22-Jul -- -- CLOSED 17-Jul -- -- 26-Jul 30-Jul 29-Jul --
    TF5 v154 (TFS) -- -- CLOSED 19-Jul CLOSED 22-Jul -- -- CLOSED (27-Jul) 1-Aug -- -- 4-Aug
    TRPR-46 (HGH) CLOSED 28-Jul -- -- 2-Aug 10-Aug -- -- 29-Jul 6-Aug 14-Aug -- -- --
    TF7 v153 (TFS) -- -- 25-Jul 3-Aug 26-Jul 5-Aug -- -- TBC (10-Aug) 15-Aug -- -- 20-Aug
    WALRUS ACE v047 (MOL) 26-Jul 1-Aug -- -- -- -- 1-Aug 6-Aug 2-Aug 8-10 Aug 15-Aug T/S 26-Aug T/S 24-Aug --
    CATTLEYA ACE (MOL) 9-Aug 14-Aug 16-Aug 22-Aug -- -- 13-Aug 18-Aug -- -- 27-Aug T/S 6-Sep T/S 4-Sep --
    NEW CENTURY 2 v189 (TFS) -- -- 8-Aug 17-Aug 9-Aug 19-Aug -- -- TBC (24-Aug) 29-Aug 1-Sep 2-Sep --
    PROMINENT ACE (MOL) 19-Aug 24-Aug 2-Sep 6-Sep 29-Aug 4-Sep 23-Aug 29-Aug 26-Aug 31-Aug 12-Sep T/S 20-Sep T/S 18-Sep --
    TF6 v153 (TFS) -- -- 29-Aug 7-Sep 30-Aug 9-Sep -- -- TBC (14-Sep) 19-Sep 22-Sep 23-Sep 24-Sep
    SWAN ACE (MOL) 5-Sep 10-Sep 13-Sep 18-Sep -- -- 9-Sep 14-Sep -- -- 23-Sep 26-Sep 25-Sep --
    STPE-89 (HGH) 4-Sep 12-Sep 1-Oct 5-Oct 16-Sep 24-Sep -- -- 12-Sep 20-Sep 28-Sep -- -- --
    TRIG-52 (HGH) -- -- -- -- 17-Oct 24-Oct -- -- 14-Oct 20-Oct 29-Oct -- -- --
  • Note
    Online quotes apply to Voyages with the suffix (HGH). Contact Us for a quote on Voyages suffixed (WWL) or (TFS).
    Voyage est. Depot
    Auckland est. Depot
    Lyttelton est. Depot
    Wellington est. Depot
    Nelson Brisbane Port Kembla Melbourne Fremantle
    TF6 v152 (TFS) CLOSED 16-Jul -- -- -- -- CLOSED 18-Jul 16-Aug 18-Aug 20-Aug --
    EF409-ARA (WWL) CLOSED 16-Jul -- -- -- -- -- -- 21-Jul 25-Jul 29-Jul 6-Aug
    TF5 v154 (TFS) 22-Jul 1-Aug -- -- -- -- 23-Jul 4-Aug 30-Aug 1-Sep 3-Sep --
    EF410-MNL (WWL) 25-Jul 1-Aug -- -- -- -- -- -- 7-Aug 12-Aug 15-Aug 22-Aug
    TOKY-113 (HGH) 5-Aug 9-Aug -- -- -- -- -- -- 23-Aug 19-Aug 14-Aug --
    TF7 v153 (TFS) 9-Aug 15-Aug -- -- -- -- 15-Aug 20-Aug 28-Sep 30-Sep 2-Oct --
    HTRN-173 (HGH) 29-Aug 4-Sep -- -- -- -- -- -- 18-Sep 14-Sep 9-Sep --
    EF412-ACM (WWL) 4-Sep 9-Sep -- -- -- -- -- -- 13-Sep 19-Sep 23-Sep 30-Sep
    EF413-TTA (WWL) 9-Sep 14-Sep -- -- -- -- -- -- 19-Sep 25-Sep 29-Sep 6-Oct
    DETR-120 (HGH) 25-Sep 3-Oct -- -- -- -- -- -- 17-Oct 12-Oct 8-Oct --
    EF415-TIR (WWL) 9-Oct 14-Oct -- -- -- -- -- -- 18-Oct 22-Oct 24-Oct 31-Oct
    EF416-TUG (WWL) 17-Oct 22-Oct -- -- -- -- -- -- 26-Oct 29-Oct 31-Oct 7-Nov
    EF417-ELX (WWL) 1-Nov 6-Nov -- -- -- -- -- -- 11-Nov 14-Nov 16-Nov 23-Nov
  • Voyage Southampton Auckland Brisbane Port Kembla Melbourne Fremantle
    EF412-ACM 24-Jul 8-Sep 13-Sep 19-Sep 23-Sep 30-Sep
    EF413-TTA 29-Jul 13-Sep 19-Sep 25-Sep 29-Sep 6-Oct
    EE415-DOC 30-Jul -- 11-Sep 8-Sep 4-Sep --
    EE416-PSF 4-Aug -- -- 15-Sep 11-Sep 3-Sep
    EF414-MLL 12-Aug 26-Sep 3-Oct 8-Oct 11-Oct 17-Oct
    EE417-MPY 15-Aug -- 4-Oct 30-Sep 26-Sep 16-Sep
    EE418-SAM 26-Aug -- -- 10-Oct 6-Oct 26-Sep
    EF415-TIR 30-Aug 13-Oct 18-Oct 22-Oct 24-Oct 31-Oct
    EF416-TUG 6-Sep 22-Oct 26-Oct 29-Oct 31-Oct 7-Nov
    EF419-TYS 18-Sep -- -- 30-Oct 26-Oct 18-Oct
    EF417-ELX 22-Sep 6-Nov 11-Nov 14-Nov 16-Nov 23-Nov
    EE420-MLU 26-Sep -- 7-Nov 5-Nov 1-Nov --
  • Voyage Long Beach Baltimore Jacksonville Savannah Auckland Brisbane Port Kembla Melbourne Fremantle
    HTRN-173 -- 6-Aug 9-Aug -- 3-Sep 18-Sep 14-Sep 9-Sep --
    DETR-120 -- 1-Sep 5-Sep -- 1-Oct 17-Oct 12-Oct 8-Oct --
    NEWY-146 -- 29-Sep 3-Oct -- 28-Oct 12-Nov 8-Nov 3-Nov --

How to plan shipping to Australia and New Zealand

Below is a summary timeline of a typical shipment to Australia or New Zealand. When planning your shipment, it's easiest to work backward from when you want it to arrive. Then add on the days below for each process to determine the date you would need to have the goods available to us. If you need any help, please contact one of our sales representatives.

Make Booking

Whilst we try to be flexible and can sometimes take bookings within the 14 days, we do need the above number of days to secure space and ensure we have all the documents required for shipping.
Minimum 14 days prior to sailing date

Deliver to Depot

Cargo must be at the port and all Customs documentation completed days before the ship sails. We will inform you when you need to deliver to the depot, or if we are collecting we will arrange a time to meet the cut-off date.
3-5 Days prior to sailing date

On Water

This is the transit time as shown on your quote. Vessels depart on regular schedules and we have our most common schedules in the table above.
No. of days varies


On arrival, your goods need to clear Customs and Quarantine. In most cases, this will be on your quotation and we will arrange this for you. We endeavor to pre-Customs clear all shipments, but they can't be released until they arrive and are inspected by quarantine. This determines if any treatment is required and how long it will take.
NZ : 3-5; AU : 7-10 (Business days)


If quoted we will arrange delivery to your final destination.
1 Day