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We love nothing more than happy customers, and to coin a phrase here are some of our "Happy Campers".

Autotrail Tribute Motorhome

a competitive quote along with a seamless transaction

After spending half a lifetime in European Transport Logistics and then taking early retirement to a place half way around the world you might think it would be easy to adopt that knowledge into the New World situation when Joan and I decided to Import a new Motorhome from the UK. Continue Reading

The Challenge

The question was how were we going to undertake the movement - subcontract the whole process, determine a shipper,"push" the movement from the UK or "pull" it from this end,who would take care of MAF and port documentation along with clearance documentation and the transfer to a place of certification? It quickly became clear that should one piece of the process be out of place that we could have a motorhome marooned in beuracracy.

The Solution

We opted to "pull" the movement so we could be close at hand if things went wrong. We reviewed several shippers to undertake the movement and it quickly became clear that Taurus Logistics was a company that was highly professional in its approach, dedicated in its activity providing both a full and detailed understanding of both the work and the relevant costs to conclude in a competitive quote along with a seamless transaction, in my minds eye they were very aware of the routes to market and this was the clincher to me..............

The Result

Taurus Logistics and specifically Hayley worked closely with us and all the communication touch points providing very clear and concise information which allowed us to monitor the Ships progress on Live Marine Traffic leading up to the day when we could make our final arrangements to collect the motorhome from Auckland.

"I have no hesitation in recommending Taurus Logistics for personal shipping they certainly took the concerns out of the activity for us."

Regards Bob & Joan

Jayco travel trailer

professional, friendly people

I found a great Jayco trailer in Australia, but I didn’t know if it was going to work out any cheaper than buying one in New Zealand, by the time I paid for the shipping and Taxes. Taurus helps with a full quote for me. Continue Reading

The Challenge

Bryan our customer had found a great deal on a Jayco caravan in Brisbane, but didn't know how to ship it back to Auckland, or deal with Customs and getting it cleaned and to port in Brisbane.

The Solution

At short notice we had our trucker pick up the caravan and take it to port for the first available ship.

It's great to deal with professional and friendly people.

The Result

I picked the trailer up at 10am after all the cleaning and MAF inspections were completed. It's now at home waiting for the summer to arrive! Thanks for all your help and thanks to Lisa too. I'll certainly recommend Taurus to any of my friends.

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