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We ship some interesting boats from all over the world, from 26’ on a trailer, to 60’ Cruisers on a custom boat cradle. Here are some of those stories and reviews.

Beneteau to Fremantle, Australia

Communication was never a problem

“Despite the fairly vague and sometimes incorrect data I supplied; Taurus Logistics managed to co-ordinate the trucking, shipping, clearance and final delivery to Fremantle in a timely manner and pretty much to the original cost estimates.”

Les Middleditch, Perth
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The Challenge

Provide marina to marina service for a Beneteau 36, located still in the water at a marina in Port Napoleon, France, back to water in Fremantle, Australia.

The Solution

Taurus Logistics provided a custom cradle and trucked to the marina at Port Napoleon. From there the boat was lifted from the water with the marina travel lift and secured down perfectly to the cradle for transport to port. We then shipped on board to Fremantle where we handled all Customs and Quarantine formalities before delivering to Fremantle Sailing Club in Australia. Job done!

“Communications was never a problem and I can't recall when an email was not responded to within 24 hours.”

The Result

“Just a short note to thank you for all of the efforts you and your team made in successfully handling the shipping of our Beneteau 36.7 from Port Napoleon in France to Fremantle Sailing Club in Australia. We have plans to import another yacht in the next few years and would certainly engage Taurus to repeat the exercise. We would also strongly recommend Taurus to anyone considering moving a yacht or boat from Europe or anywhere else for that matter.”

Les Middleditch, Perth

55' boat

Absolutely fantastic service

I really want to say thank you because it is very hard to find honest people in New Zealand who promise and keep this promise till very end.

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The Challenge

The real challenge came when the yacht was motoring under its own power to Long Beach, 3 days from the loading date, and the Shipping Line reneged on both the booking and the price!

This brand new 55’ motor yacht build was in a marina in San Francisco, and due to its weight and size, needed a substantial steel cradle, and the closest port which the yacht could load at was Long Beach.

The Solution

Plan B, reduce the height to fit in the door of a RORO vessel.

We worked relentlessly to come up with a solution, with help from the boat builder to get exact measurements of the height, and calculate what could be removed to reduced the height down. We then relocated one of our fully adjustable steel cradles(which can hold 10 tonne per pad) from our depot in Savannah to Long Beach. A special low profile maffi trailer was brought in to place the cradle on, in order to not add too much to the height.

We have received absolutely fantastic service from your company, and very pleased we chose you as our logistic partner.

Alex Zubok, Auckland

The Result

Perfect. All our calculations worked out, and the yacht cleared the door opening of the ship with 9” to spare! The use of our adjustable steel cradle also gave great flexibility to ensure the yacht is absolutely seated in the cradle, and also saves considerable money in building a custom cradle. We discharged back to water in Auckland and at the original quoted price.

49ft Catamaran to Auckland

A cat among the whales

A successful Whale Watch operator in Kaikoura, New Zealand, wanted to start a similar operation in Australia, but they did not have time to commission a new yacht build before the operation started. The answer was to ship one of the existing catamarans. Continue Reading

The Challenge

This catamaran needed a water lift from the Lyttelton Port to discharge to water in Brisbane. Although no shipping service capable of carrying this catamaran existed, Taurus found a solution.

The Solution

We arranged for a dive team to secure the lashing below the water line while the ship’s crane stood by for the lift. The catamaran was then shipped up the coast to Auckland for a discharge to wharf, and transfer to another vessel heading from Auckland to Brisbane. Precision timing was required to have shore cranes and ship cranes available to do the transfer and lifting within the port.

The Result

The catamaran was then also discharged directly into water in Brisbane with all Customs and AQIS formalities arranged in advance. She is now in service providing a whale watch attraction.

Four Winns H190

Arrived in great condition

Thank you for all the information that assisted us in importing the boat. Thank you for all your time and effort of the many emails that you sent and received."

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The Challenge

Help Jennien & Graeme, look at all the different shipping options across the US on different boats they were considering buying.

Thank you for all the information that assisted us in importing the boat. Thank you for all your time and effort of the many emails that you sent and received.

The Solution

Jennien & Graeme, were looking at importing boats from as far north as New York, all the way down into the Gulf of Mexico. Also some boats in Florida.

Taurus Logistics was able to quickly price up the different boats from the different ports, and offer pickup solutions from the different Boat Dealers.

This made it easy to make offers on boats quickly knowing what the total landed shipping cost was.

If we can add a testimonial to your website we would be happy to do this. Once again we really appreciate all you have done."

The Result

Just to let you know that we have received our boat on Monday afternoon after a few frustrating days dealing with Melbourne AQIS. Your local shipping agent were extremely professional and kept us well informed. We are extremely happy and it arrived in great condition.

Graeme & Jennien Rimmer, ASPENDALE GARDENS VIC 3195

Shipping Sir Francis Chichester's Yacht

One of the most exciting and challenging yachts we have shipped..

Following an unfortunate accident on a reef north west of Rangiroa Atoll in French Polynesia, Taurus Logistics were asked to offer solutions to ship the Gipsy Moth from the reef to Auckland for repair. Continue Reading

The Challenge

This was one of the most exciting and challenging yachts we have shipped. The yacht was so special because of its historic significance. Sailed by Sir Francis Chichester, the yacht achieved the first true solo circumnavigation of the world.

The Solution

With time and weather a threat to the Gipsy Moth’s survival, Taurus Logistics had contingencies in place to divert a vessel with lifting capacity, from Tahiti (a three day voyage) to the atoll to arrange a water load. Thankfully the yacht was repaired sufficiently to make it to Tahiti, from where Taurus Logistics arranged all loading and Customs formalities, for shipping of the yacht on the "Thor Simba" to Auckland.

The Result

The yacht was successfully salvaged and shipped to Auckland for repairs, arriving on Wednesday 24th May. Thankfully she was repaired and back on the water within weeks. A great result for the Gipsy Moth crew, and real joy for us to help save a special yacht.

Classic 1968 timber boat

honest, straight talkers who care about what you do

I can recommend you as honest, straight talkers who care about what you do. You made my big move from Los Angeles to New Zealand so easy and with minimal fuss. Continue Reading

The Challenge

The owner of this classic 1968 Chris-Craft Riviera, had owned it since new and was relocating to live in Picton, New Zealand. The boat was in perfect condition, so a care was taken to ship this old lady of the sea like royalty.

The Solution

Working with our partners in Long Beach, we carefully packed the boat and trailer into its own 20' container. This required some trailer dis-assembly to fit in the container, but ensured we had full control over the handling.

Both yourselves and your agent in Los Angeles kept me fully informed of what was happening on a regular basis. You are both wonderful.

Jim Bates, Picton

The Result

The boat was unpacked and reassembled arriving in perfect condition. Jim is now enjoying his classic boat around the bays of the Picton Sounds.

Eclipse 43' yacht

An easy and pleasant experience

even though I was mildly terrified a couple of months ago of what I was undertaking, I'm pleased to say it has been an easy and pleasant experience.

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The Challenge

Uplift the yacht from a marina in Fehmarn Island, near Heiligenhafen in the Baltic Sea, and deliver back to water in Fremantle.

It’s one thing finding the right yacht, its another trying to figure out how to get her home without losing the shirt off your back. Yet Taurus who are in New Zealand, took care of the whole thing no problem

The Solution

We built a cradle, and transported the yacht across Europe to be shipped to Fremantle.

The whole procedure, so far, has gone extremely well and even though I was mildly terrified a couple of months ago of what I was undertaking, I'm pleased to say it has been an easy and pleasant experience.

The Result

“My thanks to you and your office staff for putting up with my string of questions. It all makes me want to do it again.”

Dale Clemons, Perth

Yamaha boat - Brisbane

...again, could not be happier

We picked up our boat yesterday, and I would like to thank Taurus Logistics for the professional manner all transactions and communication was carried out.

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The Challenge

Because this is the first time Glen had imported a boat, it was important to make sure he had piece of mind that there would be no nasty surprises.

Being my first time, to say I was nervous would be an understatement, however I would not hesitate to recommend your services to any customer needing items moved from overseas

The Solution

Although importing a boat can be a daunting task, we are here to ensure that all the aspects of shipping your boat are taken care of. Even the tasks you had not even thought of, we have. We take care of all the Customs , Quarantine, port, and trucking end to end.

The Result

The Yamaha arrived on time and in perfect condition.

My friends have shown interest in purchasing a boat from USA and will ensure they contact you for direction , again could not be happier with shipping.

Glen Marshall, Brisbane

Shipping an Ian Franklin yacht to Vancouver

water discharge no problem

Many yacht enthusiasts choose New Zealand boat builders, and designers to build their dream yacht, but once its built, the voyage has only just begun. Due to the number of container slots a yacht takes, and the number or port calls before its discharged, it can be very difficult to ship yachts even to major ports like Vancouver. Thankfully Taurus are here to help. Continue Reading

The Challenge

Ship this new build from the boat yards in Picton NZ,and deliver back into the water in Vancouver, BC

The Solution

Because Picton is not a large vessel sea port, the yacht was trucked overland to the port of Nelson, where we had repositioned a flat rack from Auckland to load and lash the yacht and cradle to.

The yacht was then transshipped on a coastal vessel to Auckland, where we arranged the transfer to second vessel heading to Vancouver, BC.

The Result

A seamless service from boat yard to water discharge. Our customer stepped on his yacht for the first time in Vancouver, and from there has been sweet sailing

Bertram 35 shipping to Auckland

… professionalism shown by Richard and his staff was exemplary

Last year I purchased a 35 foot Bertram, through an agent in the US at a price which included delivery to NZ. The agent failed to honour the contract in respect of delivering the boat to NZ. I then approached Taurus Logistics, Mr Richard Hack, to see if they would take over delivery of the boat from the US to NZ. Continue Reading

The Challenge

A distressed Customer contacted us after he purchased a Bertram as a "Package deal" from a US boat dealer. The seller was supposed to arrange all shipping to NZ in their price, but after months of delays they reneged.

The Solution

"They (Taurus Logistics)  agreed to take on the job, knowing it would be a difficult task due to the indifference of the agent and the logistics of moving the boat from San Diego to LA for shipment. Boat Shipping showed their capabilities, willingness and ability to overcome numerous problems as they came up."

We were called in to get it uplifted from the delinquent seller and get the job done. Much work was required to prep it for shipping, including removal of the flybridge, cleaning, fumigation, and shrink wrapping.

The Result

"Throughout the operation I was kept informed as to progress on a daily basis and the courtesy and professionalism shown by Richard and his staff was exemplary."

C.A.N Boats Ltd, Don Blenkhorn, Whangarei
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